Children's Dishes


All of these Children's dishes are made of the safest, highest quality personalized melamine products. As valued customers, you should know that our custom dishes comply with all ASTM standards set down by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), including, but not limited to, testing for flammability, heavy metals (including lead paint), and more. In addition to the required product testing, our manufacturer is instituting a secondary inspection operation, where our products will be randomly selected from the production lines and tested independently for verification of compliance to the required safety tests. This secondary testing will be outside the review or influence of the manufacturers, and is being done to assure that test results are unbiased and reliable. This will serve to create a fail-safe in the already stringent testing process. All testing is done by certified, well recognized laboratories. Testing certificates for individual products are available upon request. Providing safe products is the priority of the toy/craft industry and our manufacturer is committed to continuous improvements in design, testing, and inspections to ensure the highest quality.

Our product(s) have successfully tested in the following areas:

A. 16 CFR 1303 Ban of lead-containing paint and certain consumer
products (CPSC, Consumer Products Safety Commission)
B. 16 CFR 1500 Federal Substances Act Regulation
C. 16 CFR 1500.3 Hazardous Substances and Articles, Flammable Solids
D. 21 CFR 175-177, 181 Indirect Food Additives (FDA) for use as articles
intended to be in contact with food at normal condition.
E. Phthalates (markers only)
Note: Phthalate testing and California Prop 65 is currently not required on
melamine articles.
F. Biphenyl-A
H. ASTM D-4236 (markers only) Standard Practice for labeling art materials
for chronic health hazards (American Society for Testing and Materials)
I. CONEG (packaging only) Heavy Metals content in packaging of model tox 6
J. 16 CFR 1500.4 (markers only) LHAMA, Labeling Hazardous Art materials Act)


Q:  Are the plates and bowls safe to eat/drink from?
A:  Absolutely!  (see testing info above)

Q:  What size are the plates?
A:  Each plate measures 10" in diameter.

Q:  What size are the bowls?
A:  The standard size bowl is 6" in diameter and holds 20 ounces.

Q:  Are the dishes dishwasher safe?
A:  Yes, top rack recommended.

Q:  Are the dishes microwave safe?
A:  No, microwaving is not recommended.

Q:  Can you make me a dish with my custom design?
A:  Absolutely!  Contact us with your special request.