All made-on-demand icons are printed in proportion to the originals, which may result in some areas being cropped out, depending on which format you choose.  We include as much of the original image as possible.

Additional FedEx Insurance- ADD TO FEDEX SHIPPING METHOD

Additional FedEx Insurance- ADD TO FEDEX SHIPPING METHOD

Fedex automatically provides $100 of insurance coverage against loss or damage on every FedEx shipment. You can add additional coverage to your order by adding this coverage to your cart.  Insurance is available in increments of $100.  All potential claims are processed and approved at the discretion of FedEx and are bound to their terms and conditions.  Since this coverage must be purchased at the time of shipment, we are offering you the opportunity to check out.  YOU MUST SELECT A FEDEX DELIVERY OPTION TO PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE COVERAGE.

For insurance coverage over $500, please contact us for a quote in advance.

For more information on their coverage, see here: